MAY 19
Renee Rosen

‚ÄčHistoric Novelist

Renee's love affair with Chicago began as a young girl making regular trips with her mother from Akron, Ohio to the Windy City.  She is now a long-time resident of Chicago.  Her love of the city and its colorful history is the perfect foundation for her stories.  She is the bestselling author of White Collar Girl, What the Lady Wants: A novel of Marshall Field and the Gilded Age, and Dollface:  A Novel of the Roaring Twenties.  She has also published a young adult novel titled Every Crooked Pot.  Her most recent novel, Windy City Blues was just released.  She is currently working on a new novel about Helen Gurley Brown and the resurrection of Cosmopolitan Magazine coming in 2019. Meet Renee at the reception following the program.
Theatre of the Dale A. Lyons Building
Southwestern Michigan College
58900 Cherry Grove Road

7:30 PM                                                        Lecture:  $20

Book Signing/Reception:  $15 (limited tickets)